Discovery Security Systems

Discovery Security Systems was founded in the year 2000 with its headquarters in the United States and is part of the corporate group Discovery Inc. It is a leader in the production of professional technical security equipment and its application through always innovative professional solutions in different business areas: transport, logistics, sales, manufacturing, services and government institutions.

It has a well developed global network of local representative offices and technical support centres around the world, which are able to fully meet the requirements of numerous clients on all meridians.

Professional technical security solutions

A strategic decision was taken in June 2006 for the development and production of professional technical security equipment to become the company’s basic production area, with the aim of better positioning Discovery on the global market. This decision resulted in the creation of a special centre for professional technical security solutions, located in the UK, as well as many sales and technical support centres worldwide.

For many years Discovery has been developing cutting-edge technology implemented in all of its professional technical security products.

Products and technology

Discovery annually reinvests a significant portion of its profits in the research and continuous development of new products and solutions.

Discovery offers a complete range of professional technical security solutions from its impressive range of products and management applications. All the demands of our clients are completely satisfied in the area of protection which we cover: analogue video surveillance, IP video surveillance, access control systems etc.

In cooperation with, and at the suggestion of, our clients, Discovery continues to develop its products and systemic solutions in order to meet even the most complex requirements in the future. Following precisely defined objectives, Discovery continues to develop unique innovative solutions that will represent the highest standard in the field of technical security.


With Discovery’s range of products and professional solutions, there are no limits. Discovery technology is compatible with, and adaptable to, all kinds of security systems.